Sunhope is engaged in development of the products for health and beauty, and generalization of the cause of health and beauty to build a quality life for human beings.

Since its initiation, abiding by its original intention of “Spread Beauty, Dedicate to Health” and sticking to the operation philosophy of “Integrity, Steadiness and Sureness”, Sunhope has gradually developed its mature and perfected product development system and the frame structure of brand culture undertaking charity and performing its social duties. With the advantage of its own, Sunhope has inspired the fervent passion of the entrepreneurs to pursue and realize their ambitions.

  • 1993

    When Sunhope came into Chinese market, it invested billions of Chinese yuan to build the landmark with well-equipped facilities---Sunhope Intelligent Science and Trade Center, which symbolizes the root of Sunhope in China. In 2005, the company invested US$5 million to build its multifunction center that covers 9,000m2 and integrates R&D, GMP, operation management, marketing, training and logistics. It became the strategic decision center of Sunhope in China.

  • 2014

    Moving into the new site, Sunhope’s new building was formally activated as a communication center for brand managers to improve their operation skills and widen their market space. In 2015, Sunhope acquired another piece of land of 50mu next to its existing multifunction center, where the company built a new facility integrating manufacturing and research of health and beauty products. The new facility, covering 38,800m2 and costing RMB250 million, has been a new milestone in the history of Sunhope.

  • 2020

    On October 12, 2020, the first step of global headquarters construction has been successfully completed, the Sunhope Education Institute was officially opened and used. Sunhope attaches great importance to education and talents, and has always built a training and education platform for the Sunhope family with love and responsibility. With the strong support of Sunhope Education Institute, the vast number of brand managers have a more solid guarantee and a broader platform for their business startup and development.

Since it came into China with its original intention in 1993, Sunhope has accompanied the mass of those of insight marching on the glorious way of venture and sharing the magnificent achievement of honor with its broad platform of entrepreneurship, excellent product structure and multicomponent training and in this way, the great prospect is still carried on.

Dream as a horse, act your glorious life

With sediment of brand, specialized R&D team and cultural feature of charity, Sunhope is leading more and more people of brand dreams along the excellent track of success to create the glory of life and to create melting moments of their lives.

In 1990s, with its original intention of “Sowing the Seed of Beauty and Devoting to the Cause of Health”, Sunhope came into China to build quality human life and to help thousands of entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams. In 2021, the year of glorious youth, Sunhope will continue to embrace this philosophy, follow the trend of the health industry, take high-quality products as the core, and work together with brand managers to promote the new trend of direct selling industry.

Ms. Chen Minjun
——Sunhope Chief executive officer

Nancy, who had been educated with advanced ideals and science in a western country, has inherited the fine quality of cleverness, kindness and braveness of our nation. When she was young, her father, President Chen Shangji, told her that everything can be possible as long as one sticks to it. The saying has greatly encouraged her and brought her fortitude character of precipitance. At the 25th Anniversary celebration, she spoke out her thought to the dealers, “I love you more than you do to me.” She has been consistent to her cause and called out with emotion to the Sunhope family members: Love what you do, do what you love. In 2021, the year of glorious youth, Sunhope will continue to work with our partners, take our dreams as the direction and driving force, live up to the wonderful time, harvest a glorious life!
Two stories of Nancy’s determine that she would have the same spirit and impetus inside her just as everyone of Sunhope.
Nancy came to Tianjin, China alone in 1993 and was empowered to be the general manager of Sunhope China just when she was graduated from the Department of Economic Management of Saint Mary's College. With her proud wisdom and entrepreneur ambition and bounden duty of “Sowing the Seeds of Beauty and Devoting to the Cause of Health”, she has created a great chance for those who would get rid of poverty and chase for success while contributing health and beauty to the people in the past 28 years.
Today, Nancy is leading more and more Sunhope partners to change their fate and to head toward excellence of the beautiful life. With her fervent love of this piece of land, Ms CEO has paid great attention to charity in China and has donated millions of RMB to the programs for public good in China. In 2014, Sunhope Public Welfare Foundation was established. As the originator of the foundation, she gives great economic support to it to a higher level of public welfare that would awake the certainty of love to colorize the life with the effectiveness of Sunhope products and compassion.