The high quality of Sunhope’s products, the first class management and marketing, the perfect service system and the professional sales team, all these are closely linked to Sunhope’s health philosophy and unique enterprise culture.

The meaning of brand name

Sunhope represents sun and hope. Through Sunhope International Sales on quality products and a complete marketing management system, we have helped people fulfill a life full with warmth from the sun and hope for a more beautiful and healthier lives.

Logo Meaning

Corporate logo: an artistic representation of a phoenix embraced by 2 green auras, symbolizes peace between family and business.


Corporate name in English: Spelling of company name, and the O is designed to be a solid O.


Green is the overall theme for corporate logo, symbolizes Sunhope marketing on health, charity and green business.


Symbolizes Sunhope energy like the sun rise from the east, representing Sunhope direct marketing filled with endless hope.

Sunhope’s Aim--- “Spread Beauty, Dedicate to Health”

It is an eternal promise of Sunhope to spread the whole world the concept and its products of healthy living and beautiful life, “Spread Beauty, Dedicate to Health”.

Operation Principle---“Integrity, Steadiness and Sureness”

Since the establishment of Sunhope, “Integrity, Steadiness and Sureness” has always been the principle on which the company forges ahead.


5 Advantages of Sunhope


Advantage 1: Legal License, Steady Operation
In 1998, Sunhope was approved by the Ministry of Commerce to transform into a direct sales company. In 2007 Sunhope was approved and licensed to be a legal direct sales company in China. During its steady running in China for nearly 30 years, Sunhope has actively implemented the national policies, enhanced its management that has made Sunhope an example of direct sales enterprise in the field.


Advantage 2: Products Being the base and Service Being the Foundation
Sunhope has developed multifold products for all levels of customers to meet the expectations of high-end consumers rising lifestyle with coziness and quick-acting, and the requirements of the mass with practicability and popularity. Sunhope has structured its active service team who would assist the dealers like their secretaries and would be health managers of the end users in the way of CALL-OUT to actively pass the messages of the company on its activities, bonus plans, trainings, products information, health-keeping skills and after-service equities. The team has been the strong backup of the sales in all stages.


Advantage 3: Worth the Effort, Legal Incoming
Taking the strength of multifold benefits under the reasonable profit distribution, Sunhope has developed its own sales idea combining its multivariate, creative and professional management to meet the entrepreneur needs and further to satisfy the mass of individual, free and self-realization ideality. Having been running in China for nearly 30 years, Sunhope has summoned many from all levels of society that greatly remits rigorous social pressure of employment.


Advantage 4: More Pay for More Work Lucratively
Consumers can quickly learn about the product through the explanations of qualified sales agents and they can easily get the products they need in this fast-paced modern society. And the Sales agents can steadily radiate the surface of his market. With the most effective way that traditional sales cannot compete, the sales agents can quickly access to and occupy the market and be rewarded in return. This is the advantage of direct sales, equal and fair. God rewards the diligent.


Advantage 5: Overall Training to Forge the Professional
In early 2008, Sunhope Elite Academy was established. In 2020, the Sunhope Education Institute was officially opened and used,which recruited trainers of practicing experience on direct sales all over the world. All these trainers had been working on direct sales for a good number of years which would be longer than a century in total. Those business partners of no experience, nor skills, nor education or social backgrounds were trained in normative direct sales system following a professional training plan. They would know fully the products and the marketing skills and they would be able to help the customers in knowing the products quickly and precisely and accepting the products. The trainings and teachings on the skill and knowledge have been well designed for dealers and agents of different levels.



Sunhope’s 5 Certainties


Certainty of Love:the Mind of Sunhope People
Adhering to the idea of “Being from the Society and for the Society”, Sunhope has devoted itself to innumerable public benefit activities and with its maternal love, Sunhope has made a great family full of warmth and compassion. Every member operating the business of health can make the stage of progress of his/her own according to his/her career planning. The individual investors can fully release their potential abilities for their self-realization; running the business in couples can establish consensus and coordination between each other and improve the family harmony; friends in groups may get closer through company’s activities. With the values of kinship, friendship, career, wealth and faith, all Sunhope partners can get happiness and satisfaction from the balance of body and mind.


Certainty of Health---the Happiness of Sunhope People
Sunhope develops it high quality products based on the unique nutritional and regimen concept of “Nutrition, Immune and Metabolism” to provide the people with natural, balanced, perfect and diversified health products which are combines of Chinese long-history culture of regimen and beauty with western medicine. Moreover, they are made in view of preventive medicine according to the needs of our body and life, with selected material, scientific prescriptions and modern processes so that they will not only draw the attention of the people to health and beauty but also show Sunhope solicitude to the people all around. It is not merely business but it also leads the people to have higher quality of life. To invest in health is a saving of happiness for the whole family.


Certainty of Wealth---the Pleasure of Sunhope People
Sunhope is not just a platform of high quality products, service and communications but an opportunity maker for its partners with its perfect marketing planning and its professional, standard, systematic and easy-to-copy training plans. Under its attentive tutoring and coordination, Sunhope helps its partners in setting up their own health careers, self-promotion and wealth accumulation and will let them know the wealthy life formula---Learn to be rich in 20s, create wealth in 30s, get rich in 40s, keep rich in 50s and enjoy wealthy life after 60s.


Certainty of Spirit---the Pursuit of Sunhope People
Sunhope sticks to the operation idea of love and people orientation. While the partners of Sunhope get friendship and wealth in starting their business of health, they will also enhance their own strength and confidence in helping others for a healthy and beautiful life. This is a virtuous circle of complementarities - continuously helping others, creating egos of their own and enriching the lives of their own.


Certainty of Society---the pride of Sunhope People
Since coming into China nearly 30 years, while Sunhope won the broad market, it has been highly recognized by all sectors of society and government offices. Sunhope has won “Tianjin Special Contribution Prize”, “Tianjin Advanced Foreign Enterprise” and other awards. The company won the wide recognition and trust of the society and its popularity and reputation have been improved.